Thursday, October 28, 2010

Widdle Your Waistline and Improve Your Health: the Flexitarian Diet

Last Saturday I had the most delicious grilled artichoke at Taste of Atlanta, an outdoor festival celebrating a variety of different foods, cooks and restaurants. It was simple to make yet something I haven't done at home in a while (click here for a good recipe). So, this delightful, simple dish, bursting with flavor, reminded me about the many ways we can enjoy seasonal produce. And, if you aren't sold yet, by the wonderful magic of mixing together a variety of tastes and eye appealing colors, consider the benefits of a plant-based diet which are nothing short of amazing. More produce means you'll likely cut your risk of cancer, heart disease, age-related macular degeneration and various other diseases while maintaining a healthy weight, beautiful skin and a longer lifespan.

You can get all these benefits and more without giving up meat, poultry, turkey and game by becoming a part-time vegetarian (also called Flexitarian). Now, this may seem daunting to you at first but, by being a Flexitarian, you get the best of both worlds - you can still eat your favorite meat or poultry while gaining all the health benefits found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

How do you start? Plan ahead by looking up recipes and trying something new. For great veggie recipes, check out the Look for soups, stews, ways to saute vegetables and more. I love this one from Giada De Laurentiis: Grilled Veggies.
In addition, you can read all about becoming a Flexitarian including suggested ways to incorporate more produce in your life, by reading this book: The Flexitarian Diet by Dawn Jackson Blatner.

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