Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't Let Your Weekends or Road Trips Derail Your Diet

Traveling and weekends are the top two roadblocks to weight loss. Diet record after diet record, I see people who “diet” during the week cutting their calories and sweating it out at the gym yet they just aren’t losing weight. They blame genetics, their thyroid, a slow metabolism or age but the reality often lies in what they don’t realize they are eating. Once they start tracking what they eat (in an app, spiral bound notebook, sparkpeople, etools or other) the lightbulb comes on. Ah, it’s all the alcohol, restaurant food and munchies that are consumed on the weekend and can totally outweigh all the weekday calorie counting. But, a person has to live a little….

Therefore, I came up with my Top 5 Tips for Tackling the Weekends and Traveling:

Top 5 Tips for Tackling the Weekends and Traveling
1) Don’t skip meals. Just because you are out running errands or shuttling kids between events and birthday parties, it is imperative that you don’t go hours without eating. Bring a mini-meal with you or even a snack. Skipping meals is one surefire tactic to make you want to eat everything in site later.

2) Search first. Those who have cracked the weight loss code plan ahead and decide where they are going to eat and what they will get on the menu. With the internet, google and websites devoted to calorie information, it’s relatively easy.

3) Eat before you go out. I know, I know, this isn’t new and in fact, you’ve probably heard it a million times. However, many people still don’t do it. Instead, they wait until they are famished, and dive into the chips/bread or appetizers on the table and then a full meal.

4) Eat in order. Strategically eating your vegetables first and then your protein and then your carbohydrate will fill you up so you aren’t downing the entire plate of fries in a minute flat. Produce fills us up with volume and protein satiates our appetite.

5) Watch your alcohol consumption. Aside from the notorious beer gut, alcohol drops our inhibitions to resist plates of food laid out before us.

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